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Advocates for A 9-11 Fallen Heroes Memorial have been making news as we seek to reverse the decision of the LMDC and honor the fallen rescue workers by listing them together, by department, on the WTC memorial. Read about our Petition Campaign directed at NYS Governor Pataki. Our focus remains: the memorial should record and acknowledge their courage, sacrifice, and brave actions. Review the articles and materials relative to Advocates for a 9-11 Fallen Heroes Memorial by clicking the links below.


We seek the support of influential Americans and American organizations to aid us in achieving our noble mission.


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Despite a change by Mayor Bloomberg in December of 2006 that will list first responders together in some fashion, this latest memorial proposal still falls short of what our heroes deserve. It still does not list them according to their department affiliation and it still omits their rank. Both of these have been intricate parts of our longstanding request to have the fallen heroes appropriately honored on the final memorial. The Advocates, together with numerous civilian family groups, are involved in a new effort and we are urging everyone to go to the following website and sign the petition to reflect their disapproval with this continuing slight. We must persist in our efforts to have the heroes honored in a way that they deserve.


Fallen Heroes Remembrance

OUR MISSION: That the 343 firefighters, 37 police officers of the PAPD and the 23 police officers of the NYPD, and all other uniformed rescue workers killed on 9-11, during rescue operations at the World Trade Center, be appropriately remembered, as part of the greater memorial. We ask that their names, along with rank, badge number and unit, be listed alphabetically, by department, just as they would want it. And that the memorial includes language that clearly acknowledges their sacrifice.